From November 2010, Oreka IT is part of the SAP Extended Business Program, taking part in the distribution of new SAP licenses for enterprises.

Do you want to know how much would it cost to implant SAP in your company? We can help you in estimating not just the cost of the SAP ERP licenses that you might require, but also in sizing the consultancy services which you will precise so your new IT system can be put in the productive stage.

SAP Extended Busines Program (EBM) - Partner official de SAP

ISO/IEC 20.000

Oreka IT envisions the quality concept as a strategic objective; hence during 2013 we have worked hard in order to implement the International Norm IEC/ISO-20000 as the standard in the delivery of Service Management System (SMS). The Service Management System comprises all the services of Oreka IT's Catalogue of Services.



In Oreka IT we do not only enjoy our environment, we are committed towards it! Therefore, we invest part of our efforts and resources to try improve it.

We would like to stand out that we hold the Bai Euskarari certificate for the standardization of the Basque Language in the private industry. This certificate is issued by Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea and it is a proof not only of our commitment towards the Basque Language but our capacity to deliver SAP service in Basque.

Certificado Bai Euskarari

Sport is another of our passions and we do whatever is in our hands to promote it on our local environment. One of the actions we've taken in this regard is to sponsor the ORLEGI K.E. basketball team, who is currently competing in the Basque Autonomic League.

Sport promotion in Vitoria-Gasteiz