sap logistic module

supply chain optimization, improvement and expense decreasing, based on sap system

logistic module management

Supply chain: we support our customers on every process and functionality required to improve their competitiveness, mainly in these areas

Sales area

Focused on customer management, sales operations and starting logistic processes.

Manufacturing planning area

Focused on productive processes control and its planification, quality control and getting appropiate maintenance of itself. Assures product and process quality and manufacturing plant maintenance.

Warehouse management and location area

This component allows material movement management and stock management in complex warehouses and providing material location in detail:

  • Planification and monitoring
  • Movements
  • Ïnterfaces
  • Frequency Radio Solution (RF)

Distribution area

Processes related to expedition to clients and commodity management at expedition wharehouses.

Provisioning area

Focused on provider management, product or services purchases, reception and wharehouse management.

I+D · Engineering

Product life-cycle mangement.

main action areas

SAP standar based solutions

Business ad-hoc app. development

EDI based communications

Data management systems

Implementations on HANA

Change processes aid

Always based on best-practices, analytic and design tools so that solution’s success is assured.


SAP Certified Development Associate 

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