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what is an ERP?


An ERP is a platform to manage in an integrated manner all the aspects and processes of a company or organization: accountancy, finances, controlling, sales and purchases, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, maintenance, etc. Consequently, all of the processes and operations of the different areas of management are interconnected. Additionally, all the master data of the company is stored in a unique repository, thus guaranteeing the quality of the data. That being said, an ERP goes further: it provides the company visibility over its processes, analytic capacity and efficiency.

Thanks to the latest ERP technology provided by SAP, the flow of information in real-time between the different departments and subsidiaries of your company is possible. This way, the managers of the company can take decisions based on real-time data and carry out an efficiency-driven management of the resources of the company.

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We do our best to understand our customer’s business procceses, so that we manage to implement them in a SAP S/4 HANA system or in an optmized and adapted SAP B1. We take care of systems installation, change magement, user’s training and data migration.


We offer our clients long term accompaniment for SAP systems and staff training.

Our maintenance service is certificated in ISO 20000-1 and we have our own incidents management software.

Technical bureau

We collaborate in big SAP projects, advising our clients about decisions to take, helping them in devoloping basic requests and controlling project’s progression.


We help our customer’s staff in getting best performance of their SAP systems, updating and improving their knowledge with ad-hoc courses.

Version upgrades

We update SAP systems offering turnkey projects or assuming technical tasks in upgrading projects. We turn your SAP ERP into an SAP S/4 HANA, optimizing  your business procceses.

License selling

We analyze different choices around on-premise, cloud or hybrid architecture models. We assess with you best alternatives to acquire licenses ownership or by subscription, and advise you on licensing SAP functionalities you really need.

integral service

We work on these SAP modules and areas, as well as other kind of services beyond the ERP which help your business.
Want to know how much it will cost implementing SAP in your company?

We can help you estimating costs of licences, as well as designing consulting services needed for this new producting proccess.

We have the following Recognized Expertise, in addition to those of each area.