Intelligent company

What is Data Hunting?

Data Hunting is Oreka IT’s response to the challenge of the intelligent company. Through this service we help companies extract new data and add value to it.

We capture data from any production environment, transform it and finally integrate it into high-level management systems based on SAP technology or any other technology used by our clients.

End to end service

We take care of absolutely everything, from the selection and installation of sensors, data quality control, the correct dimensioning of computational capacities, the selection of the algorithm, as well as the final integration of the data.

Smart Data

We focus on intelligent data capture. We obtain the best possible data for each specific use case, we control their availability, we optimize their quality, we eliminate noise and we standardize the amount extracted.

Artificial Intelligence

We offer advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to complex problems. We apply Machine Learning or Deep Learning techniques, both in the cloud or on the border (Edge Computing). We develop algorithmic models for each specific use case and adapt them specifically to the productive environments of our clients.

High level integration

We integrate our solutions at a very high level in SAP technology or in third-party technology, eliminating the existing barrier between the worlds of OT and IT. We incorporate all the extracted data into our clients’s management systems, helping them to be more competitive without affecting their day-to-day operations.

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