Past, present and future

Oreka Information Technologies was founded in January, 2009 by 3 senior consultants with a solid track record in SAP consultancy. The idea was, and still is, to create a different model of consultancy: a high degree of specialization, a strong technical base and good ethical and professional practices are our motos. Our goals are none other than to give SAP solutions that provide value, innovation and efficiency to our customers, and to accompany them in the long run. We have our own CPD infrastructure which can host any kind of SAP system, even those based in HANA technology.

Corporate Balance

looking for corporate balance

OREKA IT was established with a fresh corporate philosophy, that is composed of three interdependent pillars, which contain what we call CORPORATE BALANCE:

We are fully capable of implementing solutions into your business as major firms do, but disposing of factors such as the anonymous and remote trait, the lack of agility or the aggressiveness in sales. Thus, providing confidence, quality and innovation. In essence, we turn every project into an enriching experience between the client and us. We live in the same business and economic situation as our customers, and this is precisely what allows us to guarantee results.
When we say Corporate Balance we mean corporate responsibility applied to every task related to our activity as a corporation. We maintain a balance that is endorsed by our customers’ satisfaction but, also, by our own employees’. In order to achieve this, every team-mate receives personal and continuous training. This allows professional growth and evolution. At the same time, this know-how will be shared with both the clients and the rest of the staff. Summarizing, we conceive our works with the client as a cycle of mutual benefit in terms of knowledge.
In order to have a successful team, every individual must draw from their knowledge while at the same time being able to acquire the know-how of their colleagues. To achieve this, each of our professionals should feel comfortable in our business. Oreka IT realizes balance towards its personnel promoting harmony between family and professional life.  In Oreka IT, we see each of our workmates as a fundamental piece of a team that is balanced, solid, valuable and continuously striving for excellence.

our professional team

Nowadays, we are more than 60 professionals working in the company

Know our Steering Committee and Coordination Committee

Iraitz Pérez de Goldarazena

Iraitz Pérez de Goldarazena

General Director
Jose Carasa

Jose Carasa

Head of SAP product and R+D
Beatriz Meabe

Beatriz Meabe

Financial Director
Mikel Gabilondo

Mikel Gabilondo

Manager Control Director
Organization chart

certificates and quality

we manage the whole life-cycle os any sap solution

We have the certifications that endorse us to give service to our clients during the whole life-cycle of the different SAP solutions that you can find on the market. From the sales and implantation stage, to the maintenance, support and evolution process.
Sap Extended Business
We have a partnership with SAP for the distribution of licenses of the different kinds of ERPs SAP offers (SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business One) and, also, for SAP Business Intelligence solutions.
SAP GOLD partner
SAP certifies our capabilities in terms of experience, resources, know-how and training with regard to SAP consulting. Being a “SAP Services” partner is a guarantee to the client that Oreka IT has everything necessary for the implementation, maintenance and evolution of the functional and technical aspects that conform to the different SAP systems that we work with
ISO/IEC 20000-1 certificate
We have the international quality standard for maintenance and support of IT systems. The objective of this certification is to provide a framework of good practices to our clients, in order to ensure that the expectations towards our services will be fulfilled.
Social Responsibility
We promote the use of the Basque language in the private business sector. In order to do so, we have the “Bai Euskarari” certificate, which in addition to showing our intention to promote the language, it is an assurance of our capacity to give services in Basque.
Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Pact

Adhered to the Green Pact Community and validated by the technical commission the environmental improvements implemented in Oreka IT.

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