Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

Do you know what happens in your company in real-time?

What is BI (Business Intelligence)? Business Intelligence is about acquiring and analyzing business information, be it from the processes and data of SAP systems or from external sources.

SAP Business Intelligence solutions provide tools and applications so the managers and users can take decisions based on solid data: reports, dashboards, predictive analysis, simulations, etc. In this sense, we can differentiate between the 2 main solutions of SAP Business Intelligence. Firstly, we have SAP BW (Data Warehouse) to process and store all the data in a centralized data warehouse. Then, we have SAP BusinessObjects to make use of that data and represent it in a visual and meaningful manner: reports, dashboards, interactive indicators, etc.

Oreka IT helps you implement an information system that will control whether your company’s activity goes as planned and that will provide precise information in real-time about critical business indicators.

Moreover, we are talking about an integral solution that goes beyond the implementation of analytic applications. In a simple and intuitive manner, an inexperienced user can visualize and analyze relevant business information and create their own reports, without having to depend on an IT department. On the other hand, managers have at their disposal predictive tools and intelligence to support them in their strategic decision-taking.

Oreka IT will be glad to study your case at no cost. You will see how you can benefit from the capacities of SAP Business Intelligence.

You can get in touch directly with our SAP Business Intelligence department.

SAP Business Intelligence

Oreka IT can help you in implementing an information system which allows controlling whether your company activity is running over the scheduled parameters and which will report precise information over production and management key indicators.

Support with data your decision-making process thanks to SAP BI!

Business Intelligence (SAP BI) spain