Business Intelligence (SAP BI)

So you think you know everything that is going on in your company?

General Motors (more than 500.000 employees around the world) realized those employees who did follow a health program had 50% less of work demands.

General Electric became aware that the employees which did more exercise had an improved 45% attendance rate over those who did not.

How did they realize this?

Your SAP ERP system stores and manages a great deal of information. A Business Intelligence system that has been properly developed through SAP BW and SAP BO tools can discover tendencies, weak points, threats, etc.

SAP Business Intelligence

Oreka IT can help you in implementing an information system which allows controlling whether your company activity is running over the scheduled parameters and which will report precise information over production and management key indicators.

Support with data your decision-making process thanks to SAP BI!

Business Intelligence (SAP BI) spain