SAP RMS & Workflow

The possibilities broaden

SAP Records Management System (SAP RMS)

Records Management is a standard solution for the electronic management of records.

Quick access to information is a key factor for performing business successfully. Records Management guarantees this quick access. In one record, all information objects of a business transaction are grouped together in a transparent hierarchical structure.

By converting paper records to electronic records, you can enjoy all the advantages of a paper-free office: No storage costs for records, no cost-intensive copying procedures, and optimal retrieval of information.

In addition to documents, you can also integrate other diverse electronic elements (the elements can originate from the local SAP system, from other SAP systems, or from non-SAP systems):

  • Business objects
  • Transactions
  • Reports

SAP Business Workflows

SAP Business Workflow can be used to define business processes that are not yet mapped in the R/3 System. These may be simple release or approval procedures, or more complex business processes such as creating a material master and the associated coordination of the departments involved

SAP Business Workflow is particularly suitable for situations in which work processes have to be run through repeatedly, or situations in which the business process requires the involvement of a large number of agents in a specific sequence.

SAP Workflow – Business Process