SAP RDS Solutions


SAP RDS or SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are modular packages that include:

  • SAP Business Management Solutions
  • Pre-Configured Content and Functionality
  • Pre-Defined Documentation
  • Best Practices Methodology for fast implementation
  • Closed price, time of implementation and scope that are known by the client beforehand
  • Easy to expand thanks to a myriad of industry-specific Add-Ons

SAP RDS Solutions allow for short and predictable software implementation projects, with very limited costs attached to the project and that provide with the possibility of keeping expanding the solution in the future.

SAP RDS - SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

There are 2 types of RDS Solutions:

  • SAP Business Management Solutions (SAP ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, BPC, SCM...) whose functionality and core features are packaged into a particular RDS. This core functionality is determined by the industry model the RDS is aimed at.

  • RDS packages whose functionality and scope is selected by the Client thanks to an online application called SAP Configurator. The Client, preferably alongside an SAP Partner, chooses which functionalities fit into the business model of his company. In turn, the SAP Partner packages the functionalities that the Client has previously selected in the SAP Configurator into an RDS solution.

We can see the convenience of the SAP RDS solutions for the Small and Medium Business, as now they can afford SAP Business Solutions with huge functional scope and staying-power without the need of a huge initial investment.

SAP RDS solutions can also be a good asset on industries that already run SAP ERP or BI applications, but that are in need of a vertical solution to manage very specific areas of business. For example: Budgeting and Consolidation, Quality related processes, Manufacturing of Aeronautic Products, etc. An RDS can provide with an affordable and fast solution for this kind of needs.