Labor Services for Freelances

Spend your time making to grow your business

We are conscious of the commitment and dedication freelances have to assume in order to make their projects work. In this sense, mandatory administrative tasks such as billing and procedures for the Public Administration are a huge time-sink that hinder freelances from commiting their working time to the most critical aspects of their business.

We offer the possibility of delegating such tasks to us. These are some of the services we could help you on:

  • Hiring & dismissal contracts, contract data modification
  • Payroll Creation
  • Salary Bonuses, Payment delays
  • Severance Packages
  • Social Insurance & Benefits
  • Work Contracts & Extensions
  • Sick & Accident Leaves
  • Dismissal & Suspension Cards
  • Company Forms & Certificates
  • Tax Forms as T110 & 190

Additionally, we offer some value-added services, such as:

  • Management of documentation for the Public Administration
  • Management of custom tax-forms
  • Management of subsidies requests
  • Financial Analysis

Last but not least, we can help you submit the Income Tax Return, in case your business is based on our surroundings. We can also offer a flat rate to cover all your necessities, on a custom plan adjusted to your business nature.

Labor services for Freelnces