Corporate Balance

Looking for corporate balance

In this section, we want to share our vision of IT consulting with you. Moreover, we will show you the foundations that sustain the culture and style of work of Oreka IT, which is the basis of the competitive difference of our company.


The bad business practices that stemmed from playing in a highly competitive market have marred the image of IT consulting. As a consequence, a lack of trust arose in potential customers. Briefly, we could summarize these problems:

  • The service sold is not what is actually implemented.
  • Lack of information or misinformation to the client.
  • Lack of efficiency in carrying out fluent communication channels, both internally and externally.
  • Lack of especialization by the employees who, usually, do not feel supported by the company and consequently, are not able to focus in their professional careers.
  • Low quality standards of both end product and post-sale service.


OREKA IT was founded with the goal of trying to reverse the bad business practices that had been the norm in IT consulting, proposing an alternative consultancy model. In order to do so, we introduced the concept of balance. But... what does balance actually mean?

The concept of balance embeds aspects like proportion, measure, moderation, harmony, good sense and prudence. Balance, in essence, is the property of an object when all forces applied to it are compensated (zero sum).


OREKA ITwas established with a fresh corporate philosophy, that is composed of three interdependent pillars, which contain what we call CORPORATE BALANCE:

  • The Clients: We are fully capable of implementing solutions into your business as major firms do, but disposing of factors such as the anonymous and remote trait, the lack of agility or the aggressiveness in sales. Thus, providing confidence, quality and innovation. In essence, we turn every project into an enriching experience between the client and us.

    We live in the same business and economic situation as our customers, and this is precisely what allows us to guarantee results.

  • Knowledge: When we say Corporate Balance we mean corporate responsibility applied to every task related to our activity as a corporation. We maintain a balance that is endorsed by our customers' satisfaction but, also, by our own employees'.

    In order to achieve this, every team-mate receives personal and continuous training. This allows professional growth and evolution. At the same time, this know-how will be shared with both the clients and the rest of the staff. Summarizing, we conceive our works with the client as a cycle of mutual benefit in terms of knowledge.

  • Employees: In order to have a successful team, every individual must draw from their knowledge while at the same time being able to acquire the know-how of their colleagues. To achieve this, each of our professionals should feel comfortable in our business. Oreka IT realizes balance towards its personnel promoting harmony between family and professional life.

    In Oreka IT, we see each of our workmates as a fundamental piece of a team that is balanced, solid, valuable and continuously striving for excellence.