Past, present and future

Oreka Information Technologies was founded in January, 2009 by 3 senior consultants with a solid track record in SAP consultancy.

The idea was, and still is, to create a different model of consultancy: a high degree of specialization, a strong technical base and good ethical and professional practices are our motos. Our goals are none other than to give SAP solutions that provide value, innovation and efficiency to our customers, and to accompany them in the long run.

SAP EBM Vitoria-gasteiz (Álava) – IT Consultancy firm

In spite of having founded the company at the peak of the worst economic crisis of the last 80 years, Oreka IT succeeded in increasing its resources, infrastructure and number of clients and references.

A few months after founding the company, we had signed contracts with some of the more representative local companies and public administrations. Nowadays, 40 qualified professionals work in Oreka IT taking part in SAP projects with a high degree of complexity. Additionally, we have our own Data Centre, where we host SAP systems of any kind, including those running on HANA.

IT Consultancy Vitoria - Gasteiz