The kind side of SAP professional Business aplications

Web Dynpro is a client-independent programming model of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform for developing user interfaces for professional business applications. It is based on the model view controller paradigm which ensures that the business logic is separated from the presentation logic.

This architecture is visible in the Web Dynpro perspective of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS). Web Dynpro helps you with the development of Web applications by:

  • Ensuring platform-independence with the meta model approach
  • Minimizing the implementation effort through declarative programming
  • Providing reuse and better maintainability by using components
  • Providing graphical support with tools in the Web Dynpro perspective
  • Providing the SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure (NWDI) which supports team work with different services such as source code versioning and the Central Build Service
Abap & Java Webdynpro – SAP user interfaces